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Poster Session

Thursday, November 22
Reception Hall (In front of Room 301)
P01-A-2Coordination of Command Fusion for Obstacle Avoidance Control of Mobile Robot
Hyunjin Chang, Dongseo University
Taeseok Jin, Dongseo University
P02-A-2A Study on the Precise Distance Measurement for Radar Level Transmitter of FMCW Type using Correlation Analysis Method
Suk-Joon Ji, Hanla Ims Co.,Ltd
Woo-Jin Choi, Hanla Ims Co.,Ltd
John-Tark Lee, Dong-A University
Kyung-Yup Kim, Hanla Ims Co., Ltd
P03-A-2Manual Asymmetry of Time-Delay Effect on Visual Feedback in Arm Movements
Takashi Oyama, Okayama Prefectural University
P04-A-2Reduction of Compressor Performance Test Duration Using Fuzzy-Bayesian Networks as Prediction Tool
Cesar Penz, Federal University Of Santa Catarina
Carlos Flesch, Federal University Of Santa Catarina
Rodolfo Flesch, Federal University Of Santa Catarina
Andre Rosa, Whirpool Sa
P05-A-2Distributed Scheduling Based Upon Frequency Transmission Using Two Dynamic Controlled Plants and a PID Controller
Oscar Esquivel, U.N.A.M.
Hector Benitez, U.N.A.M.
P06-A-2The Implementation of Magnetostrictive Type Level Sensor System using Guided Pulse Wave
Woo-Jin Choi, Hanla Ims Co.,Ltd.
Suk-Joon Ji, Hanla Ims Co.,Ltd
Kyung-Yup Kim, Hanla Ims Co., Ltd
John-Tark Lee, Dong-A University
P07-A-2Modeling and Implementation of Discrete Event Net Based Distributed Control for Industrial Robotic Systems
Gen'ichi Yasuda, Nagasaki Institute Of Applied Science
P08-A-2Using Gyroscopic Sensors Data with Artificial Neural Networks for Junction Detection
Kenneth Mackin, Tokyo University Of Information Sciences
Makoto Fujiyoshi, Hitachi Zosen Corporation
P09-A-2Tabu Search Based Topology Modification for Reduction of Fault Current Level in Power Systems
Manuel Del Castillo, Seoul National Univ Of Science And Technology
Hwachang Song, Seoul National University Of Science And Technology
P10-A-2Design of wind turbine fault detection system based on performance curve
Se-Yoon Kim, Kunsan National University
Sung-Ho Kim, Kunsan National University
In-Ho Ra, Kunsan National University
P11-G-10Identification of Longitudinal Dynamics of an Autonomous Small Scale Helicopter Using Hybrid Differential Evolution and Prediction Error Algorithm
Ari Legowo, International Islamic University Malaysia
Rini Akmeliawati, Iium
P12-G-10Minimization of Accumulated Angular Error using Kalman Filter and Two Gyroscope
Jongguen Kim, Pusan National University
Hajun Song, Pusan National University
Eunkook Jung, Pusan National University
Jungmin Kim, Pusan National University
Sungshin Kim, Pusan National University
P13-G-10Intelligent Platform Design of Agricultural Robot Inspired by Farmer Assistance (AGRIFA)
Young-Jae Ryoo, Mokpo National University
Ki-Nam Lee, Mokpo National University
Pil-Gong Choi, Mokpo National University
P14-DKA-1Self-localization based on Image Features of Omni-directional Image
Yasutake Takahashi, University Of Fukui
Fuminori Hibino, University Of Fukui
Yuta Ii, University Of Fukui
Yoichiro Maeda, University Of Fukui
P15-JS-11Stabilization and Walking Algorithm of Hybrid Wheeled and Legged Mobile Robot Based on ZMP
Dong-Hyuk Jeong, Hankyong National University
Yong-Tae Kim, Hankyong National University
Jong-Han Park, Hankyong National University
Bo-Hoon Lee, Hankyong National University
P16-JS-11Application of Particle Swarm Optimization to Humanoid Robot Walking
Younglim Choi, Dong-A University
Nakyoon Choi, Dong-A University
Jong-Wook Kim, Dong-A University
Assel Seifullina, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
Omarbekova Assel, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
P18-G-12Robot Control by Using Multi-mode
Sang Yong Rhee, Kyungnam University
A-Ram Kim, Kyungnam University
P19-A-7Automatic Selection and Contextual Analysis of the Japanese Particles "Ga" and "Wa" Using Machine Learning
Satoshi Miura, Tottori University
Liangliang Fan, Tottori University
Masaki Murata, Tottori University
Masato Tokuhisa, Tottori University
P20-A-7Machine Learning for Analysis and Detection of Redundant Sentences Toward Development of Writing Support Systems
Shunsuke Tsudo, Tottori University
Masaki Murata, Tottori University
Masato Tokuhisa, Tottori University
Qing Ma, Ryukoku University
P21-A-7Identifying Hyponyms from Statistical Measurements in Text Data
Sagara Sumathipala, Nagaoka University Of Technology
Koichi Yamada, Nagaoka University Of Technology
P22-A-7Support Method for Reference of Documents based on Correspondence Analysis
Makoto Suzuki, Nagoya University
Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Nagoya University
Takeshi Furuhashi, Nagoya University
P23-A-7Retrieving magazine articles on items by using combinations of text and image
Daisuke Kasama, Meiji University
Tomohiro Takagi, Meiji University
Ryo Izawa, Meiji University
P24-DKI-2Method for making temporal features of POIs for geographical recommendation
Kenta Oku, Ritsumeikan University
Koki Ueno, Ritsumeikan University
Kentaro Terada, Ritsumeikan University
Fumio Hattori, Ritsumeikan University
P25-TI-3The PSP Practice Support System used on The Android Digital Assistant aim to improvement of XP
Daisuke Yamaguchi, Toin University Of Yokohama
Ayahiko Niimi, Future University Hakodate
P26-A-5Update-Safe Boot System for Automotive Embedded System
Jang Woon Baek, Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Keekoo Kwon, Etri
Jongwoo Park, Kyungpook National University
Dae-Wha Seo, Kyungpook National University
P27-A-5A framework of recommender system considering the variety of Kansei
Yuma Inagawa, Kansai University
Masataka Tokumaru, Kansai University
Junki Hakamata, Kansai University
P28-A-5Recipe data coding method by using cooking process and quantity of nutrients for healthy eating habits support system
Akinobu Ishikawa, Kansai University
Yuta Tokumi, Kansai University
Masataka Tokumaru, Kansai University
P29-A-5Website Design System Based on an Interactive Genetic Algorithm Using Tournament Evaluation by Multiple People
Takahiro Yokoyama, Kansai University
Hiroshi Takenouchi, Kansai University
Masataka Tokumaru, Kansai University
Noriaki Muranaka, Kansai University
P30-A-5An Improved Font Distribution Algorithm for Tag Clouds
Agnes Bogardi-Meszoly, Budapest University Of Technology And Economics
Andras Rovid, Obuda University
Hiroshi Ishikawa, Shizuoka University
P31-A-5A Mobile Channel Allocation Scheme for Avoiding Channel Interference
Seo-Jung Heo, Kongju National University
Dong-Cheul Son, Baekseok University
Chang Suk Kim, Kongju National University
P32-A-1Interval-valued Evolution Strategy for Evolving Neural Networks with Interval Weights and Biases
Hidehiko Okada, Kyoto Sangyo University
Tetsuya Wada, Kyoto Sangyo University
Akira Yamashita, Kyoto Sangyo University
Takashi Matsuse, Kyoto Sangyo University
P33-A-3Non-Fragile Control for Discrete Fuzzy Descriptor Systems
Jun Yoneyama, Aoyama Gakuin University
Yuzu Uchida, Aoyama Gakuin University
P34-A-3Incremental Tuning of Fuzzy Decision Trees
Christophe Marsala, Upmc - Lip6
P35-G-16Automated Polyp Detection From Endoscope Images
Rafael Lins Porto Viana, Chubu University
Yuji Iwahori, Chubu University
Kenji Funahashi, Nagoya Institute Of Technology
Kunio Kasugai, Aichi Medical University
P36-G-22Fuzzy MADM approach for selecting the best wetlands environment plan
Vivien Y.C. Chen, Taipei Chengshih University
P37-G-22Enhancing Investigation Quality for the Police in Traffic Accidents by Constructing the Structural Relationship of Factors
Ming-Shan Yeh, Feng Chia University
Hsin-Hsien Liu, Feng Chia University
Chien-Ming Tseng, Ministry Of Transportation And Communications
Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Kainan University
Wen-Hua Liu, Feng Chia University
P38-G-22An Integrated MCDM Model for Glamour Stock Evaluation
Kao Yi Shen, Chinese Culture University
Vivien Y.C. Chen, Taipei Chengshih University
Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Kainan University
P39-G-18Method to Construct Conceptual Graph with Technical Term Dictionary for Schema Matching
Koichi Kitano, Kansai University
Toshio Teraguchi, Kansai University
Shigenori Tanaka, Kansai University
Kenji Nakamura, Ritsumeikan University
P40-G-19Method of evaluation of electrical services of agricultural enterprises
Askar Sapakov, Almaty University Of Energy And Communications
P41-YT-1Artificial Bee Colony for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Yuko Aratsu, Takushoku University
Kazunori Mizuno, Takushoku University
Hitoshi Sasaki, Takushoku University
Seiichi Nishihara, University Of Tsukuba
P42-YT-1A Population Based Cunning Ant System for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Daiki Hayakawa, Takushoku University
Kazunori Mizuno, Takushoku University
Hitoshi Sasaki, Takushoku University
Seiichi Nishihara, University Of Tsukuba
P43-G-2Satisficing vs Exploring When Learning a Constrained Environment
Stephen Shervais, Eastern Washington University
Thaddeus Shannon, Portland State University
P44-G-2Timetable Design for Osaka International University Using Differential Evolution
Shinichiro Ataka, Osaka International University
Yasuo Adachi, Osaka International University
P45-HS-3Fuzzy Evaluation Model on the Core Competence of CEO and Management Index
Seung Gook Hwang, Kyungnam University
Jignesh Panchal , Jpan Tubular Components Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi, India
Bong-Gyeong Park , Jae Hyun Autonics Co.
Young Man Park, Kyungnam University
P46-A-4Determination of the Change Timing of Space Segmentation Using PCA for Reinforcement Learning
Yuki Komori, Osaka Prefecture University
Akira Notsu, Osaka Prefecture University
Katsuhiro Honda, Osaka Prefecture University
Ichihashi Hidetomo, Osaka Prefecture University
P47-A-4Preferential Exploration Method of Transfer Learning for Reinforcement Learning in Same Transition Model
Toshiaki Takano, Mie University
Haruhiko Takase, Mie University
Hiroharu Kawanaka, Mie University
Shinji Tsuruoka, Mie University
P48-G-11Reconstructability Analysis of Genetic Loci Associated with Alzheimer disease
Stephen Shervais, Eastern Washington University
Patricia Kramer, Oregon Health And Sciences University
Martin Zwick, Portland State University
Shawn Westaway, Oregon Health And Sciences University
P49-G-6Applying Ant Colony Optimization in Configuring Stacking Ensemble
Yijun Chen, Infoware Systems Ltd.
Man Leung Wong, Lingnan University
P50-HS-1Similar Pair Identification using Locality-Sensitive Hashing Technique
Keon Myung Lee, Chungbuk National University
Kyung Mi Lee, Chungbuk National University
P51-A-6Extraction of Blood Vessels in Fundus Image by Black-top-hat Transformation Employing Two Structuring Elements with Different Radii
Eisaku Tohma, Yamaguchi University
Hideaki Misawa, Yamaguchi University
Noriaki Suetake, Yamaguchi University
Eiji Uchino, Yamaguchi University
P52-A-6Quantitative evaluation using EEG for influence of meaningful or meaningless noise on participants during mental tasks
Takahiro Tamesue, Yamaguchi University
Haruka Kamijo, Shinshu University
Kazunori Itoh, Shinshu University
P53-HK-1A Feature Consisting of Mean, Standard Deviation, and LPC Cepstrum for the Prediction of Liver Fibrosis Stages in Chronic Hepatitis C
Akifumi Miyazaki, Doshisha University
Miho Ohsaki, Doshisha University
Eri Taniguchi, Doshisha University
Shigeru Katagiri, Doshisha University
Hideto Yokoi, Kagawa University Hospital
Katsuhiko Takabayashi, Chiba University Hospital
P54-HW-1Variational Bayesian Inference with Automatic Relevance Determination for Generative Topographic Mapping
Nobuhiko Yamaguchi, Saga University
P55-IH-1Precise Characterization of Memristive Systems by Cooperative Artificial Neural Networks
Josef Dobes, Czech Technical University
Ladislav Pospisil, Czech Technical University
Abhimanyu Yadav, Czech Technical University
P56-IH-2Applying CART and SLP Techniques on Self-relevant Event Detection
Koum-Tem Sun, National University Of Tainan
Tzu-Wei Huang, National University Of Tainan
Tsung-Hao Hsieh, National University Of Tainan
Min-Chi Chen, National University Of Tainan
P57-IH-2Apply Decision Tree to Derive Rules for ERPs
Koum-Tem Sun, National University Of Tainan
Min-Chi Chen, National University Of Tainan
Syuan-Jing Li, National University Of Tainan
Tzu-Wei Huang, National University Of Tainan
P58-IH-3Hopfield-Amari Neural Network: Minimization of Quadratic Forms
Nischal Bondalapati, National Institute Of Technology Hamirpur
Rama Murthy Garimella, International Institute Of Information Technology Hyderabad
P59-JS-2Energy-aware Resource Pricing for Internet Data Centers
Yutaka Okaie, Osaka University
Tadashi Nakano, Osaka University
P60-JS-2How Does Thermal Gradient Contribute to Microcapsule Formation by Proteinoids?
Taichi Haruna, Kobe University
Junya Shiozaki, Kobe University
Sayaka Tanaka, Kobe University
P61-JS-2Swarming Biological Nanomachines Through Molecular Communication for Targeted Drug Delivery
Tadashi Nakano, Osaka University
Moore Michael, Osaka University
Yutaka Okaie, Osaka University
Akihiro Enomoto, University Of California, Irvine
Tatsuya Suda, The University Netgroup Inc.
P62-JS-2Simple Circuit for Sound Localization Using Digital Delay Line Based on the Biological Auditory System
Masahiro Tanaka, Tsuyama College Of Technology
Kimihiro Nishio, Tsuyama College Of Technology
P63-JS-2Emergence of Functional Differentiation in an Adaptive Network
Takayuki Niizato, Kobe University
Yukio Gunji, Kobe University
P64-JS-3Future Information Network as Large?Scaled Complex Adaptive Systems
Masayuki Murata, Osaka University
P65-JS-5Agent-Based Evaluation for Effects of Signaling in Markets with Asymmetric Information
Tadahiko Murata, Kansai University
Nisuo Du, Kansai University
P66-A-8A 3D Sensing Technique Using Fuzzy Modeling Based on Stereo Vision
Yuichi Saito, Osaka Electro-Communication University
Toshihiko Watanabe, Osaka Electro-Communication University
P67-A-8Handwritten Keywords Recognition on Blackboard for Tagging Lecture Video-Shot
Shohei Okuyama, Mie University
Shinji Tsuruoka, Mie University
Haruhiko Takase, Mie University
Hiroharu Kawanaka, Mie University
P68-A-8Color Contrast Enhancement of Blog Page for Improvement of Legibility
Motonori Doi, Osaka Electro-Communication University
Tasuku Uehara, Osaka Electro-Communication University
P69-A-8Object Detection in Infrared Image with Sea Clutter
Ki Tae Park, Hanyang University
Jongmyeon Jeong, Mokpo National Maritime University
P70-KK-1Analog Circuit for Detection of Time to Collision Based on the Biological Vision System
Kohei Okamoto, Tsuyama College Of Technology
Kimihiro Nishio, Tsuyama College Of Technology
P71-KK-1The Method for Measuring the Level of Opening Cap to Develop Shiitake Grader
Takeshi Hagisawa, Future University Hakodate
Masashi Toda, Kumamoto University
Teruyasu Sakoi, Hokkaido Industrial Technology Center
Kazuhiro Matumura, Hokkaido Industrial Technology Center
Masahito Fukuda, Fukuda Farm
P72-KO-1A Study on Factors for Determination of Elevation Mask and CNR Mask on DGPS Reference Station
Youngki Kim, Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology
Wonseok Jang, Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology
Kiyeol Seo, Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology
P73-KK-3Vibrotactile Stimulus Frequency Optimization for the Haptic BCI Prototype
Tomasz Rutkowski, University Of Tsukuba
Hiromu Mori, University Of Tsukuba
P74-KK-3Psychophysical Responses Comparison in Spatial Visual, Audiovisual, and Auditory BCI-Spelling Paradigms
Tomasz Rutkowski, University Of Tsukuba
Moonjeong Chang, University Of Tsukuba
P75-KK-3A Group Recommendation System with a Multi-modal User Interface
Masataka Yukawa, Ritsumeikan University
Yugo Hayashi, College Of Information Science And Engineering Ritsumeikan University
Hitoshi Ogawa, College Of Information Science And Engineering Ritsumeikan University
Victor Kryssanov, Ritsumeikan University
P76-MM-2Comparison between onomatopoeias and adjectives for evaluating tactile sensations
Junji Watanabe, Ntt Communication Science Labs
Maki Sakamoto, The University Of Electro-Communications
P77-MM-2Onomatoperori: Search Engine for Cooking Recipes by Impression of their Tastes or Textures using Japanese Onomatopoeia
Chiemi Watanabe, Ochanomizu University
Satoshi Nakamura, Kyoto University
P78-LA-1Intellectual Fuzzy controller with ADP block
Mihail Alexeyev, Kazakh British Technical University
P79-LA-1Development of methods and models for assessing feasibility and cost-effectiveness of innovative projects
Galim Mutanov, Al-Farabi Kazakh Natinal University
Zhanna Yessengalieva, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
P80-LA-2The use of project-oriented learning approach for training IT professionals
Saya Sapakova, Kazakh National University
P81-LA-4Narrative Forest: An Automatic Narrative Generation System with a Visual Narrative Operation Mechanism
Taisuke Akimoto, Iwate Prefectural University
Junpei Ono, Iwate Prefectural University
Takashi Ogata, Iwate Prefectural University
P82-LA-4A study on the management method of ship entity for Intelligent Navigation Safety Information System
Doyeoun Kim, Mokpo National Maritime University
Gyei-Kark Park, Mokpo National Maritime University
Moonsoo Chang, Seokyeong University
P83-LA-5Using Linked Data for Intelligent Information Retrieval
I-Ching Hsu, National Formosa University
Lee Jang Yang, National Chung-Hsing University
Hsu-Yang Lin, National Formosa University
Der-Chen Huang, National Chung-Hsing University
P84-LA-5Active Transductive KNN for Sparsely Labeled Text Classification
Wang-Xin Xiao, Research Institute Of Highway
Xue Zhang, Peking University
P85-LA-5APIO: A Description Logics based API Ontology Mapping System
Rui Li, Beihang University
Ma Shilong, Beihang University
P86-NK-2An Iterated Greedy Algorithm for the Binary Quadratic Programming Problem
Fubito Toyama, Utsunomiya University
Kenji Shoji, Utsunomiya University
Hiroshi Mori, Utsunomiya University
Juichi Miyamichi, Utsunomiya University
P87-NK-2An Improved K-means Algorithm in Topic Detection
Xiquan Yang, Northeast Normal University
Yinghua Lv, College Of Humanities & Sciences Of Northeast Normal University
Hui Sun, Northeast Normal University
Lin Fang, Northeast Normal University
Meijia Wang, Northeast Normal University
Xiaoshu Ma, Northeast Normal University
P88-NK-4User Recognition Using kinect and 3D Accelerometer Sensor for Navigation Robot
Kouhei Tanaka, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Yasunari Fujimoto, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Toru Yamaguchi, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Eri Sato-Shimokawara, Tokyo Metropolitan University
P89-YN-1Number determination of hidden units using internetwork cumulative weight
Ishii Shunichi, Shimane University
Rokui Jun, Shimane University
P90-YN-2Improved WTA problem solving method using a parallel genetic algorithm which applied the RMI initialization method
Sung-Sam Hong, Gachon Universiry
Jongmin Yun, Gachon University
Bomin Choi, Gachon University
Jonghwan Kong, Gachon University
Myung-Mook Han, Gachon University