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Written by Омарбекова А.

The director of the institute

Dr.Sci.Tech, Professor of specialty group "Computer science and management",  the academician of the international academy of information, the academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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Education: In 1974 he graduated from the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov (Kazakh State University) majoring in Applied Mathematics, in 1981 - graduate school at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov University (Moscow State University), specializing in Mathematical and Software of Computing Machines, Systems and Networks. In 1989, the annual course "French Language" was held at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. M. Toreza, in 1990 - scientific internship at the University of Paul Valery-France. He speaks Kazakh, Russian, English and French.

Academic degree, title: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor in the group of specialties “Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management”, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2001 in the field of science, technology and education.

 Place of work: 1974-1975  mathematician-programmer at KazSU. 1975-1981  intern researcher, graduate student of Moscow State University; 1981-1989  assistant, associate professor, head of the department at KazSU; 1989-1991 years of the SNA for completing work on a doctoral dissertation of the Kazakh State University - doctoral student at Moscow State University, 1992-1997  head of the laboratory of the Institute of Informatics and Management Problems of the NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 1997-1998  Head of Department at the Kazakh State Academy of Management; 1998-2000 - Director of the Center for Information Technologies LLP; from 2000 to the present head of the department, professor of the department "Informatics", director of the Research Institute "Artificial Intelligence" ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov (

Scientific and practical activities: research interests  programming, artificial intelligence, information security and information protection, digital technologies, e-learning. In the field of programming, he formalized the semantics of production and logical programming languages, developed methods for automating the verification of software and hardware. Based on these studies, the Ph.D. thesis "Partial Verification of Programs in the Symbol Processor Language" and the doctoral dissertation "Verification of Software and Hardware Tools for Computing Machines and Systems" in the specialty "Computing Machines, Systems and Networks (mathematical, software and hardware)" were defended. scientific results in 1976 - 1991 were introduced in strategic research centers: "Translator from the language of imitation of space systems" at the Flight Testing Institute (Zhukovsk), "Syst verification of digital circuits ma "in the Scientific-Production Center" Perseus "(Zelenograd)," The system of parallel programming for multiprocessor computing system "at the International Research Center of electronic computers (Moscow).
  In the field of artificial intelligence (computer linguistics) he developed the mathematical theory of the Kazakh language and methods for automatic analysis and synthesis of written and oral speech of the Kazakh language. This provided an opportunity to create artificial intelligence in the Kazakh language by automating the grammatical analysis (synthesis) of Kazakh texts and recognition (synthesis) of Kazakh speech. As a result, a technology was created that allows the computer to understand the meaning of the Kazakh language sentence: answer according to the meaning of the question asked, evaluate knowledge according to the meaning of the answer to the questions asked and synthesize the solution to the problem on the basis of the knowledge base ( -intellekt).
  In the field of information security and information protection, he developed methods for assessing information security risks based on non-classical logic and cryptography methods based on alternative mathematical models.
 In the field of digital technologies, he developed state standards (Kazakh alphabet coding, Terms of Reference for the creation of an automated system, Planning software testing, etc.), and also created various automated systems (Automated Securities Registration System, Automated Securities Depository System, Automated utility payment accounting system, Automated system for the selection of deputies, Automated information system YSTEM RK Accounts Committee), are embedded in client organizations of Kazakhstan.
In the field of e-learning, he created the “Generator of e-learning publications”, “The distance learning system for Kazakh public servants”, “The intellectual system of questions and answers in the Kazakh language”, “Automation system for creating electronic textbooks”, “Intelligent electronic university”, “ Intellectual system of training, monitoring and assessment of knowledge in the Kazakh language ”and more than 40 electronic educational publications in various disciplines of secondary and higher education, implemented in several their schools and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific and methodological activity: He published over 400 scientific papers, published 11 textbooks (Informatics in Kazakh and Russian, Theory of languages and automata in Kazakh and Russian in 2 editions, Neural networks in Kazakh and Russian in 2 editions, Information security and information protection in 3 parts in Kazakh) and 13 study guides (Mathematics for computer science in Russian and English, Symbol processing languages, Programming technology, Creation and administration of relational databases), 3 onographies (Proof of the correctness of computer software and hardware, Handbook of securities, Problems of translating Kazakh writing into the Latin alphabet) and 5 terminological dictionaries (Kazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionary of computer science and computer technology in 2 editions, Kazakh-Russian , Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionary on information and communication technologies, Spelling dictionary when translating Kazakh writing into the Latin alphabet), 4 explanatory dictionaries (Scientific-industrial explanatory dictionary on computer science and computer science, Explanatory dictionary in English, Russian and Kazakh languages on computer science, Terms and definitions in English, Russian and Kazakh languages on automated systems, Terms and definitions in English, Russian and Kazakh languages on a single program documentation system), has more than 30 copyright certificates and has developed 9 State compulsory education standards.

Training of scientific personnel: He prepared 5 doctors and 8 candidates of sciences in the group of specialties "Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management", as well as 8 PhD doctors in the specialty "Computer Science".

International cooperation: At the invitation of foreign research centers, he visited the following countries to give lectures and scientific reports: Bulgaria - 1989; France –1990, 1996, 2015; China –1993, 2010, 2014; Germany –1998, 2015; Turkey –1999, 2008, 2013, 2015; Thailand - 2003, 2015; Israel - 2006; Great Britain - 2006; Malta - 2007, Japan –2012; Korea - 2013; Italy - 2013, 2018; Spain - 2014, 2016, 2018; OAU - 2016, Austria - 2016; Malaysia - 2017, Portugal - 2017, Poland - 2019, Greece - 2019.

Awards and grants: He was awarded the medal “Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education” - 2001, the medal “For Merits in the Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan” - 2003, the medal “For the Development of the Customs Union” - 2014. , the medal “Kultegin - 2015; the medal “20 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan” - 2015, the medal “L.N. Gumilev ”- 2015, twice the holder of the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan“ The best teacher of the university ”- for 2005 and 2010