Category: Achievements
Published Date Written by Омарбекова А.

Employees of the Institute shall have the following theoretical and practical results:

 -built a mathematical model of the phonetic order of the Kazakh language for automatic processing of speech;

- built a mathematical models of morphological rules of the Kazakh language to automate morphological analysis;

- built a mathematical model of the syntax of the Kazakh language to automate the parsing;

-  built the algorithm of recognition of individual Kazakh words limited vocabulary using dynamic time series;

- built algorithms for synthesis Kazakh speech from arbitrary text;

- built a logical specification language for the formalization of Production semantics of programming languages;

- built a logical specification language for the formulation of the conditions on the verification program and combination of digital circuits;

- developed neural network models and algorithms for recognition of graphic information;

-  developed finite automata models and algorithms for cryptographic protocols and processors;

- developed models and algorithms for information security risk assessment based on fuzzy mathematics;

- developed national standards and automation technologies to create electronic textbooks.

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